guygood is a goodguy

welcome to my let me show you my life,my thoughts,my attitude and soul. i love those who love me as well as those wo donot. would u mind showing yours to me?love is not only a feeling but a kind of responsibility.


lost without slipper

why sb told me it’s rude to wear slippers?why?i have been wearing that for years!i just find myself relaxed with my slippers!!!are they crazy?now they tell me not to do so….i got lost~who can give me some advice?am i wrong?i just want to be the one i want to be!!!i would rather make a life not just make a living!!!and i would make my life with my slippers!!!

eternal triangle

a friend of mine came to me, upset.i asked,“buddy.whats up?”he took out 2 letters and said,“oh…im in eternal triangle now.look.this is the love letters from two girls.they both asked me to be with them.”.“that’s good, isn’t it?”“my god.what would u do .buddy?”“all right.tell me.u want my help?”“of cause!we are buddies ,right?”“ah-ha.”“yea!that’s the reason i come to me a favor”“yes?”“choose one girl and write a love her you love her.”“kidding?”“serious!take one away from me, i’m going to focus on the other.”“i get it.ok.which one you like better?who would you like to focus on?”“Lily.”thought for a while,i said,“ok.i would choose her” seriously


Don’t pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.

beach Boy

ah-ha..well…i’m new here.i want some help in bloging.hope to find some foreign friends,too!^.^

i’m guygood.also a good guy

be a friend, or an enemy,that’s a question