i do need confidence to face the challenges of the big test tomorrow. after months’ study, i still don’t know if i have mastered the knowledge!though i’ve studied hard these months,it seems that my classmates are much harder!!!  i hope to get good grades cause i don’t want to let those who love me down! but sometimes i’m so stressed out, i feel the pressure given by those lovely people i love. 

 i know the test can’t tell anything but i just want to get my goals to cheer my parents,friends…i want my dream fulfilled! i’m looking forward to the harvest after my hard working…i went to my headteacher for help.she gave me a cup of water to go cold theni felt better after her inspiring words.i’m nervous but soon i relax myself. teacher told me not to afraid of the failure, also she told me i was one of the hardest students in her class.

now,i’m fully convinced that i can achieve my goals!!!no pain ,no gain! struggle for the test!!! come on! go go go !!!