a friend of mine came to me, upset.i asked,“buddy.whats up?”he took out 2 letters and said,“oh…im in eternal triangle now.look.this is the love letters from two girls.they both asked me to be with them.”.“that’s good, isn’t it?”“my god.what would u do .buddy?”“all right.tell me.u want my help?”“of cause!we are buddies ,right?”“ah-ha.”“yea!that’s the reason i come to u.do me a favor”“yes?”“choose one girl and write a love letter.show her you love her.”“kidding?”“serious!take one away from me, i’m going to focus on the other.”“i get it.ok.which one you like better?who would you like to focus on?”“Lily.”thought for a while,i said,“ok.i would choose her” seriously